Adaptive learning inspiring success

The great thing about Jumpido is that it customizes to individual skill levels. We call this "adaptive learning". Adaptive learning is a method where learners interact with software, which then changes educational material based on their performance. This process is proving to be extremely beneficial to students' development.

Adaptable for all abilities

Jumpido adapts to the skill level of individual learners. If a student answers a question correctly, the difficulty level will increase. And if the student requires a little extra help, the difficulty level will decrease. This means Jumpido can be used by the whole class!

Increase engagement in class

Nowadays, students have access to modern technologies much earlier than ever before. They were born to operate digitally! This means their engagement is higher when using new technologies, rather than the traditional way of practicing math.

Help children learn at their own pace

The traditional method of practicing math involves the teacher giving the class problems and allocating a set time to solve them. This fails to consider students who need some extra time to answer the problems and improve. Jumpido takes this into account and ensures that each child is given the necessary time to answer a question. This means each student has the chance to develop their own skills.

Provide instant feedback

At the end of each game, Jumpido provides feedback on how students performed. The feedback is intentionally concise, as Jumpido promotes collaboration between children in a safe learning environment.


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