What is game-based learning?

The gaming world is a place where children's imaginations thrive upon fantasy and adventure. But the one thing that every game has in common - problem solving. No matter how big or small, every game has a series of clear objectives that need to be completed in order to progress. When learning material is essential to scoring and winning - it is called "game-based learning".

The advantages of game-based learning

Children of today have grown up with new technology. It feels natural for them to receive instant feedback and do multiple things at once. This means that they find it difficult to concentrate on linear, time-consuming or repetitive tasks, i.e. the traditional method of teaching.

Games are all about fun and exploration - and they immediately grab students' attention! What's more, players receive immediate feedback which means they:

More importantly, games rarely have real-life consequences. This means that pupils are not afraid to make mistakes through experimentation. Just the opposite, it helps students to learn from their mistakes!

Another advantage of learning through games is that children can be motivated to learn at home. Kids will go out of their way to find time to play. With educational games, this drive can be used for learning outside of class.

Jumpido - the ultimate game-based learning experience

Jumpido was designed from the ground up to deliver exceptional educational experience. One of its core features is that students can't complete game objectives without understanding the math. This means learning is essential in order for pupils to progress. To try and eliminate pure luck outcomes, Jumpido uses probability theory. So, the more often something occurs, the less likely it will happen again.

And the best thing of all - it's fun! Children will never get tired of Jumpido’s magical visuals and exciting adventures. What's more, it allows kids to channel all of their physical energy into solving math problems. The result of this - unparalleled engagement with mathematics.


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