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Jumpido Demo is available for Android phones and tablets, Windows Phones and Windows 8. Support for iPhone and iPad is coming soon.

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Jumpido Demo description

Jumpido Demo: Fun math game

Jumpido Demo is a great educational game to test your math skills. It provides addictive and challenging problems which will be loved by all ages. And it is all free.
Jumpido Demo features


  • Specifically designed to test primary school arithmetic (kids aged 7-10), but don’t be fooled - it’s a challenge for everyone!
  • Your goal is to pop balloons according to math problems you are given.
  • Practice not only your math skills, but your reaction time, concentration and memory! Be careful, the modes in each level might be changing fast.
  • Beautiful graphics and lovely animations will immerse you into a fairy world.
  • Be ready for the full version that will include more games, new challenging modes and more.


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